Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 Trends for the "New American Traveler"

LDPR would like to share some great industry intelligence on "2010 Consumer Trends" in the July 26 issue of Travel Weekly where Y Partnership provides us with a comprehensive profile of the the "New American Traveler."

Highlights from the Y Partnership/Harrison Group survey of active leisure travelers include:

1. From Peter Yesawich/Y Partnership:
  • U.S. leisure travel market has finally stabilized and, in fact, portend a modest increase in demand for the year ahead
  • Today's consumers are perhaps best described as newly resourceful...focusing on family and friends rather than consumption and acquisitions
2. Is Frugality the New Normal?
  • According to Google, consumers visit an average of 20 websites before making a travel purchase
  • According to Susan Black of the Black & Wright group, it is not just price that's determining consumers choices. Travel needs to parallel their values. Whereas last year and the year before were about discounting, now it's "What type of authentic value can I offer?"
3. How important is being green?
  • 81% of leisure travelers consider themselves environmentally conscious, yet only 9% have actually made a travel-related purchase on the basis of environmental concerns
4. Celebration Travel: Marking Life's Milestones
  • Two-thirds of leisure travelers based a trip on a life event such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration during the last year
  • Nearly half of those trips (45%) were for milestone birthdays, which outnumber every other category, including anniversaries, weddings and family reunions
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