Friday, February 24, 2012

Secrecy, Intrigue, and History: Hotel Lutetia’s Left Bank Spirit

Ever wondered what the walls of hundred-year-old hotels would say if they could talk? Maybe strange encounters, celebrity sightings, or even hidden treasures? The iconic Hotel Lutetia in Paris wants travelers to find out its secrets firsthand, along with insider information on the 6th arrondissement, with the new blog, Le Discret (Discreet) 

Since it opened in 1910, Hotel Lutetia has been a favored haunt for artists and creative types. In the “Life at Lutetia” section of the blog, Le Discret shares tales of the hotel’s past, such as a once walled off wine cellar during the German occupation (hotel chef Philippe Renad can tell you more). Travelers seeking to experience the Left Bank of Paris as a local can use Le Discret as a guide to learn historical facts, the latest cultural/art happenings, gastronomy suggestions, and shopping experiences.  

Want to know where Victor Hugo wrote Odes & Ballads or where you can create your own perfume? You’ll have to visit Le Discret to find out!

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