Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Back From...San Francisco!

LDPR’s Michaelann Millrood just returned from her hometown of San Francisco and shares a highlight…

I’m fresh off a redeye back from one of my favorite cities on earth – San Francisco. Having spent middle school and high school in the Bay Area, my parents have since moved back East, but I still go back each year to ring in New Years with some of my oldest friends. 
Regardless of the season, no trip to the Bay Area is complete without a day outside in sneakers. Usually we’ll head down the Peninsula to hike amongst the redwood trees in Woodside or in the golden hills of Palo Alto's Arastradero Nature Preserve. However, this time around my friend suggested we hike “in San Francisco.” And we’re not talking a little stroll along the beach or a walk through Golden Gate Park – we did a legit (albeit pretty easy) hike in San Francisco proper, along the forest and coastline in the northwest corner of the city. The Lands End hike -- we did the Lands End, Sutro Baths, and Coastal Trail segments – offered up a gorgeous day complete with dramatic cliffs, crazy surfers, eerie Northern California fog, shadowy cypress trees, bathhouse ruins, a striking sunset, and 30-mile views of coastline. 
Days like this are what will make any NYC California-transplant miss home. Save the beautiful meteor shower we watched on Ocean Beach on Tuesday night, I’d say the hike was the most awe-inspiring part of my trip. 

Check out my photos of Land’s End below!
Strolling into the fog

You'd never guess there's an ocean behind me
Where did Alan go?    

Oddly enough there are bathhouse ruins on the coast of California 

Over snacks and Bloody Mary's at the historic Cliff House restaurant, the fog revealed a classic West Coast sunset
The Golden Gate Bridge makes an appearance at dusk as the fog clears

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