Friday, November 11, 2011

Where in the World Does LDPR Want to Go Next?

Obviously, travel is our passion at LDPR so we love The Today Show segment Where in the World is Matt Lauer (though we should probably be better about following the clues and choosing the right destinations. I won't go into some of the places we guessed this year #cluefail). Now that the 10th Anniversary of the show has wrapped up in Barbados, what were some of the agency's favorite destinations? 

The winner here seems to be Day 4 - Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps:
 - Ashley MontBlanc Day has long wanted to travel to the Alps and the town of Mont Blanc (obviously!) and now she'll be adding the Sphinx Observatory to the itinerary.
 - Kelly Brewer loves amazing train travel (NJ Transit and NYC subway - here's NOT looking at you) so taking the train to Europe's highest railway station would be the ultimate experience. 

Namibia was a close second, however. We love heading out West for fresh powder days, but are open to a different type of skiing it seems:
 - Tricia Lanigan is ready to hit the dunes just like Matt, who we all thought looked very professional on skis. Helmet cam that please, Tricia! 
 - Chandra Dillon has family roots in South Africa, but hasn't been to the Skeleton Coast so it's now on her wish list. 

And you can't go wrong with Madrid:
 - Stephanie Preston loves the idea of late dinners and dancing. We recommend she tag along with Meredith Phares who is fluent in Spanish. Though language barriers often lead to some of the funniest travel experiences, it's always nice to travel with someone who can communicate well with the locals! 

We'll let you know if any of the LDPR staff makes it to one of these destinations in a future "Just Back From..." post. In the meantime, we're already excited for next year's Where in the World is Matt Lauer. And Matt, let us know if you need suggestions! 

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