Friday, July 1, 2011

Just Back From...Santa Fe, New Mexico

LDPR's Lorianne Lacey just returned from hosting a press trip to La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, A RockResort in New Mexico.

Every time I have had the privilege to visit Santa Fe I come back feeling so refreshed, as the destination just immerses one in fine arts, culture, amazing cuisine and the refreshing friendliness that is found in the Southwest. I’ve been to La Posada a few times before, and it’s fascinating how much you can learn about a destination on a return visit. For example, on a downtown Santa Fe historical walking tour, I was able to tour the gift shop that was the secret office of J. Robert Oppenheimer as he created the Manhattan Project! I must have passed by this store quite a few times before, and had no idea!

Two years ago, La Posada hired Artist Sara Eyestone to become the full-time art curator of the gallery collection at the resort. Sara has done an amazing job with this project – beautiful works of art are hung so carefully throughout the property’s public spaces, and in some guest rooms. It is just such a treat to walk in the spa or dine at Fuego and have these experiences in the midst of a gallery exhibit. A real treat was the two-hour oil painting lesson that Sara gave our group (something that can be arranged for guests upon request). She gave each of us an apple and asked us to paint it. We were all pretty apprehensive as none of us had touched a paintbrush in quite some time, but after learning the different basic techniques of mixing and applying color, we all ended up with some beautiful souvenirs and the satisfaction of learning a really fun, relaxing new skill.

You can’t talk about Santa Fe without mentioning the culinary scene. Every Monday, the resort offers complimentary tequila tastings (“Margarita Mondays”) and we learned about the different types of tequila (anejo, silver, resposado, to name a few) and how to best use them in mixed drinks. Chef Eric Hall also hosted us for an amazing tasting menu at Fuego. After five courses with unique intermezzos, we decided this was the best way to wrap up a fun few days!

I would definitely recommend putting Santa Fe on a list of cities you should visit in your lifetime if you like to shop, see art, eat and relax!

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