Thursday, June 11, 2009


Rob Calder, a 32 year old bagpiper from Edinburgh, is busking his away across the United States for charity. Calder will spend six weeks playing his bagpipes from coast to coast, rain or shine, relying on the kindness of locals and people of Scots decent to host him along the way. He will also offer a piping performance for room and board or a charitable donation.

Mr. Calder arrived in New York June 9, and made his first $67 on the corner of 47th and 5th. He hopes to earn a minimum of $5,000 for Ecas, an organization directed by his mother that lends help and support to Edinburgh's physically disabled. Friday he heads to Pennsylvania followed by Washington DC, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and Colorado before finishing his trip in California in late July.

Mr. Calder is one of many volunteering for charitable causes in lieu of unemployment. After losing his job he was inspired by Scotland’s Homecoming year to invest his compensation package and free time in travel while raising money for charity.

Glasgow born, he calls himself the Bagpipe Busker. A friend built the site for him and he’s funding this himself. Calder's planned itinerary, blog and information on how to make a donation can be found at

When asked what he hopes to accomplish, Calder replied “I’d like to earn as much as I can for Ecas, and I’ll also try to raise awareness about Scotland, Glasgow and the World Pipe Band Championships in August to thank them for being amongst the first to support me with a donation to the cause.”

Check out the Bagpipe Busker on the TODAY Show, click here.

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